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Ottawa - 13 –15 year olds

Three-Week English Immersion Program EXPLORE (13–15)


Explore is a three-week intensive language-immersion program for students that currently are 13, 14 or 15 years old. Settled in Ottawa, Ontario, it is a fun and stimulating experience with many opportunities to improve your linguistic skills and gain more independence.

Selected participants receive funding from the Government of Canada, which covers tuition fees for the program, instructional materials, meals and accommodation, workshops, and other mandatory activities.

Visit the Explore official website to learn more about this bursary program! The deadline to apply is February 6, 2024.

The program at a glance 

Enjoy three weeks of adventure, friendship, and discovery in a stimulating environment for learning English. Live new experiences and improve your English in the capital of Canada. 

We offer courses adapted to all levels of English, from beginner to advanced, with enriching and multicultural activities.

  • Accommodation in homestay
  • Groups of 15 students per class on average
  • Formal English classes in the morning
  • More than 60 hours of socio-cultural activities and workshops
  • Pedagogical material (does not include notebooks, pencils and other school supplies)
  • Online placement test and certificate at the end of the program

Session A

Arrival date: June 30, 2024

Departure date: July 19, 2024

Schedule: from Monday, July 1st to Thursday, July 18, 2024

Session B

Arrival date: July 21st, 2024

Departure date: August 9, 2024

Schedule: from Monday, July 22nd to Thursday, August 8, 2024


Registration fee: 275 CAD

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