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Language courses

What language course suits you?

The Centre linguistique offers many possibilities. You can take courses in a specially equipped classroom or your course can be held at your workplace with a qualified trainer who will travel to you. User friendly and exciting online training is also available at all times.

What are your needs?

Online Training

From anywhere, it is possible for you to learn another language through our customized online training. 

If you are interested in a free demonstration contact us!

Official language training for government employees

In an environment conducive to learning, experienced trainers will help guide you to the level of bilingualism required for your job, B and C levels respectively.

Training is offered in both official languages, listening comprehension as well as written and oral expression. The schedule and the number of course hours vary depending on the objectives and the availability of participants.

After your immersion, if you feel nervous before your test, the Centre linguistique offers at no extra charge a 30 minute warm-up before your appointment.

An exam simulation for oral skills level B and C is also available remotely.

For the population of Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean

Whether you want to learn another language for your job, travelling or pleasure, the Centre linguistique language courses are customized to the needs of individuals and groups. These courses are offered during the day or night, in the workplace or in the comfortable and specially equipped premises of the Centre linguistique.

The goal? Improve your language skills. The action-oriented approach that we favor in class is intended to reflect real situations and create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The schedule and the number of class hours vary depending on the objectives, the availability and the number of candidates. Maximum of 12 students per class.

English :

40 hours (2 classes per week)
25 hours (1 class per week)

Spanish :

25 hours (1 class per week)