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Translation, proofing, assessment

Our expertise

The Centre linguistique is not only about language courses. We also offer services such as translation and proofing. We can also serve as an interpreter during an event or assist you with your oral communication needs to prepare speeches and presentations. 

Translation of texts in French, English and Spanish 

Even if automatic translators provide a service to the general public, the final result is approximate and rarely faithful. Our linguistic rigor will make your translations true to your original texts.

Pricing is set based on the number of words or pages of the document and the time allowed to produce the work.

Proofing and editing texts in French, English and Spanish

Linguistic revision of texts is useful for individuals or companies wishing to perfect printed texts, business letters or other electronic documents.

This service can also be offered to people who wish to correct professional documents such as presentation letters and resumes. We will take meticulous care in bringing your written material to a high quality of standards.

Pricing is set according to the number of words or pages of the document and the time allowed to produce the work.


Interpretation services from English or Spanish to French and French to English or Spanish are available. However, it is necessary to contact us in advance to ensure that interpreters are available.

Language Assessment

The Centre linguistique can assess your language skills in French, English and Spanish, in the four areas of listening, reading, oral expression and writing.

Oral Communication Skills Coaching

This service is for people who have to make a presentation in another language and would like to work on their pronunciation and fluency. This service is also available online or by phone.

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