Centre linguistique

About us


The Centre linguistique is a language school specializing in immersion programs. With 50 years of experience, we have developed a teaching method recognized across Canada and around the world and the school has seen more than 35 000 students. Located in a 100% French-speaking region combined with friendly people and a stunning natural environment, the Centre linguistique is the ideal place to quickly learn French.

In addition, the Center has a location in Ottawa that provides an English immersion language camp.

A motivating learning environment 

Our immersion programs are based on a formula of three key components that create the best learning environment possible: language courses, the host family and sociocultural activities. Under the supervision of the finest teachers, classes are focused on an action-oriented approach and conversation. Students have access to more advanced learning tools (drill booklets, language labs and software) thus enabling them to learn and acquire new language skills. In addition, immersion students live and experience the Quebec culture while enjoying unique discoveries of the area. Activities are tailored to college, university or adult students.

Your customized program

At our language school, a program can be adapted to best meet your goals. 

In addition to courses for adults, we can create a customized program for groups of students 13 years old +. Our programs even offer activities with local students of the same age group to promote French and cultural exchanges from September to May. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Centre linguistique du Collège de Jonquière is to provide quality language services (training, evaluation, translation, revision, consultation) to people around the world.

The Team

Ms. Valentina Stagnani, Director

Ms. Ariane Tremblay, Pedagogical Advisor – language training

Ms. Charlene MacPherson, Pedagogical Advisor – English

Administrative Office