Centre linguistique


Private courses for adults

Without a doubt immersion language courses allow participants to learn French quicker. Private courses for adults at the Centre linguistique du Collège de Jonquière are frequently given to government officials, business leaders from Canada and abroad, managers as well as people who just want to learn French for pleasure.

Our efforts focus on your success, the courses are specific to your individual goals. Our French courses are focused on your area of expertise whether it be government employees and officials preparing for their oral proficiency tests (B and C levels), or managers and business leaders. Private courses are offered throughout the year, 50 hours of training represent:

  • 25 hours in the classroom with a teacher focused on your needs
  • 15 hours of social cultural activities
  • 5 hours of self-study
  • 5 lunch hours dining with the teachers
  • Host family accommodations

Sessions begin every Monday. We recommend a minimum of two weeks.

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