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Full-time francization program

Full-time francization program

Full-time intensive

If you are available about 30 hours per week. If you must quickly master the French language in order to work and participate fully in the social and cultural life of Quebec; the full-time intensive course is for you. Each course lasts 11 weeks, or 330 hours.


Starting dates: Late August to November (non available for August 2018)

November to February

February to April

Duration: 11 weeks, 330 hours

Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 3:15 pm (45 minutes for lunch)

Course Description

  • FIA330-1, Beginner Stage
    You do not speak French at all or you speak a little.
  • FIA330-2, Intermediate Stage
    You have begun to communicate in French. You can speak, understand and write a little.
  • FIA330-3, Mid-intermediate stage
    You are able to communicate in French, but you still need help to understand and express yourself correctly in most situations in everyday life.

Teaching materials are included. Educational assessments throughout the program. Certificate of completion

Cost: Free for those eligible under the «ministère de  l’Immigration et de la Diversité et l’Inclusion». 

If you are not eligible under the ministry, you can still register for $ 200 per week.

Registration: http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/fr/services/dacf-electronique/index.html